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Mini Plates

White Mini Heart Plate

White Square-Edged Plate

White Cut-out Lace Demitasse Saucer

White Mini Shell Plate

Black Melamine Spiral Plate

Grape Glass Mini Plate

Natural Baking Shell

Mini White-Handled Plate

Glass Finger Bowl Saucer

Grandeur Demitasse Saucer

White Round-Edged Rectangular Plate

Small White Square
Pedestal Plate

White Mini Skillet with Handle

White Square Coffee Saucer/Amuse Plate

White Square Pedestal Plate

Mini White Pedestal Stand

White Teardrop Tasting Plate

White Square Plate

Rimmed White
Demitasse Saucer

Glass Demitasse Saucer

Vintage Crystal Mini Plate

Antique Gold-Edged Ivory Demitasse Saucer

Gothic Platinum
Demitasse Saucer

Gothic Gold
Demitasse Saucer
Mini Utensils

Stainless Demitasse Collection

Silver Ornate Demi Spoon

Bent Chrome Tasting Fork

Stainless Presentation Fork

Chrome Tented Tasting Fork

Chrome Tasting Spoon

White Porcelain Chinese Spoon

Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon

White Mini Tasting Spoon

Gold Demitasse Spoon
Mini Vessels

White Souffle Cup Collection

White Lace Pot de Creme Pot
and Lid

White Cut-out Lace Demitasse Cup

White Mini Casserole Dish

Mini Glass Jar with Hinged Lid

Mini White Lion Head Bowl

White Porcelain Mini Lid

Glass Cup
for Smoke Infused Food
w/ White Mini Cloche

Mini Mug Shot Glass

Blue and White Chinese Teacup

Mini Pilsner

Mini Parfait Glass

Pinched Mini Decanter

White Belly Button Bowl

Sauce Cup/Votive Holder

Flared Shot Glass

Classic Cordial Glass

Shot Glass

Fluted Edge Taster Tini

Stainless Mini Fry Basket

White Mini Oval Bowl

Glass Demitasse Cup

Mini White Jug

White Mini Porcelain Pitcher

Stainless Handled Pail

Calvin Cordial

Mini Martini Glass

Square Glass
Votive Holder

Petal Candle Holder

Glass Finger Bowl

Park Lane Crystal Cordial

Iced Vodka/Shooter

Traditional Crystal

Modern Shot

Glass Footed Shooter

Grappa Glass

Modern Glass Collection

Straight-Sided Shot Glass

Glass Demitasse Mug

Gothic Platinum Demitasse Cup

Green Porcelain Slanted Bowl

Gothic Gold Demitasse Cup

Rimmed White Demitasse Cup

White Porcelain Sake Cup

White Glass/Votive Holder

Stainless Pedestal

Topaz Glass/Votive Holder

Olive Green
Glass/Votive Holder

Glass/Votive Holder

Red Glass/Votive Holder

Hot Pink
Glass/Votive Holder

White Porcelain Egg Cup

White Porcelain Bowl (3")

Black Matte Square Bowl Collection

White Mini Sauce Boat

Silver Bowl/Tea Strainer Caddy

Mini Crystal Champagne Saucer

Curved Footed
Shot Glass

Stainless Sauce Cup

Black Melamine
Mini Square

White Porcelain Small Boat