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March's Guest Designer Table


FIG Catering 


This month's table was designed by the FIG Catering team of Molly Schemper, co-owner, Stephanie Lu Jokich, Weddings and Special Events Manager and Michelle Marchisotta, Corporate Events Manager.  They easily decided on natural elements and the colors they love which just happen to be the color of figs. 

Molly explained, "we decided to reflect on the month of March, which is depressing and cold. Even if it is warm, things haven't begun to sprout". So they restricted their centerpiece to succulents rather than using out-of-season floral.  With the help of their florist, Janessa Ambrosio of Forget Me Knodt, they used photos of her summer florals clipped onto our chrome tented tasting forks.  They brighten up the table, last all month in our showroom and make us think of spring. Hence, the name of the table is "Spring Into It".


Gorgeous floral pictures were also positioned on stainless presentation forks in our black metal cone holders. When Molly asked for a way to wrap the moss into the cone holders, we had the perfect solution--our new brown paper inserts. Although the liners are also available in white newsprint, we thought the brown they selected added to the naturalness of their tableau.

Their tablesetting is a great example of the current trend of "colorblocking" which uses bright solid colors to make a unified look rather than using colors to make statements or accents on their own. Here our citron satin napkin and amethyst glass plate get us back to the color of figs. What a coincidence! Turns out when Molly and her business partner and husband, Chef Justin Hall, were picking a name and logo for their company, he merely said he liked the color of figs. She said "For Intimate Gatherings" (FIG) and a new catering company was born. (Here is a fun little aside. Molly and Justin cooked together for a fundraiser when dating for only four months. Justin said "If we are still dating in January, we should start a catering company".  So, eight months into their relationship, they did. Nine years later, here they are!)

What really ties this table's colors together are the flutes filled with Spindrift Seltzer (a blackberry sparkling juice) and the kale and beet salad with  kumquat dressing.  All the purple and green were unified, but the colors still popped at the same time. Despite all of their interest in color and design, the team agrees that taste is always first and foremost. Check out Molly's favorite blogs, MissMoss'sblogfromSouthAfrica (Miss Moss has a "foooood" section) and GreenKitchenStories.  In Chicago, Fig Catering is very active in the green restaurant movement. A new successful program they are involved in for the second year is The Great Wedding Recyclery where guests can get inspired and find d├ęcor through recycling.  GreenWeddingAlliance/The-Great-Wedding-Recyclery 

But back to those figs. Check out their house wine, a Cote de Rhone that the owners selected for taste but, yes, it has figs on the label. Fig Catering 

Our thanks also go to Tuan Bui, our guest designer photographer. Tuan joined us for our discussion on inspiration and design. He said he enjoys studying famous artwork and reinterprets the light and mood from those famous pieces into his own photography. The famous Kiss on V-J Day photograph was incorporated into one of his wedding shots focusing on the bride and groom with plenty of commotion around them. Check it out. Tuan Bui 


Thanks to all involved with this guest designer table to make our March a little less drab with a tease of spring that surely will be here soon.  Maybe by June???

Stay tuned for future Guest Designer Table updates 
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