Indoor Celebrations to Chase Away the Chill

Posted 1/23/2024 by Tablescapes Event Rentals.
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As the winter chill wraps the city in a snowy embrace, there's nothing better than warming up with the memories of indoor events that sparkled and gleamed. We’re highlighting three sensational venues—Adler Planetarium, Morgan's on Fulton, and The Social Loft - where the magic of indoor celebrations truly came to life. 

Adler Planetarium: A Celestial Soiree with White Chiavari Chairs

First stop, the iconic Adler Planetarium! Picture this: a dreamy celebration under the sparkle of chandeliers and tables adorned with our sleek and chic White Chiavari Chairs. As guests gazed at the breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan, the elegance of the white chairs added a touch of sophistication to the cosmic ambiance. 

Photography: Tim Tab Studios

Morgan's on Fulton: Gold Glamour with Square Textured Chargers and Brushed Gold Flatware

Next up, the trendy vibes of Morgan's on Fulton! Here, our Tablescapes rentals took center stage with Gold Rim Square Textured Clear Chargers and Contemporary Brushed Gold Flatware. The square chargers added a modern twist to the tables, while the brushed gold flatware shimmered in the ambient lighting, creating an atmosphere of undeniable glamour. The cozy and chic setting of Morgan's on Fulton became a haven for celebration, laughter, and undeniable style.

Photography: Oh So Lovely Photography

The Social Loft: Amethyst Elegance and Brushed Gold Brilliance

Last but certainly not least, the stunning backdrop of The Social Loft. Imagine tables adorned with the regal Amethyst Highland Goblets and the ever-stylish Contemporary Brushed Gold Flatwareand the exquisite Sea Sponge Charger. The deep amethyst hues of the goblets added a pop of color to the setting, while the brushed gold flatware brought a touch of timeless elegance. The chargers introduced an extra layer of texture and sophistication, making the atmosphere even more enchanting.The result? An atmosphere that exuded warmth, charm, and a dash of bold sophistication.

Photography: Michelle Zapanta 

Cozy Winter Musings: Why Indoor Events Steal the Show

As the snow falls outside, we can't help but cherish the beauty of indoor celebrations. The coziness, the warmth, and the intimate atmosphere make indoor events the perfect antidote to the winter chill. Whether you're enjoying the breathtaking views at Adler Planetarium, soaking up the trendy vibes at Morgan's on Fulton, or reveling in the elegance of The Social Loft, Tablescapes Event Rentals has the products to make your indoor celebration truly extraordinary.