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A Summer E-Blast Repast


Amazing Edibles
Buon Appetito from Amazing Edibles! Andrea Herrera, owner of the catering company, loves partnering with The Flower Firm, the provider of all the floral accents for this Summer Tuscan Repast. She also partners with them at their unique on-site venue.
Andrea's fertile mind was overflowing with Tuscan design ideas since she is currently working on a bride's request for a Tuscan-themed wedding. The bride reached out to Amazing Edibles because Mediterranean food is one of their specialties.  But when Andrea saw our new Hanging Glass Racks for our Light Bridge Shelves, instead of starting with food, she started her design with wine. She created a tasting station as part of her buffet by simply setting out an array of wine bottles on our Wine Barrel with Eno Wine Glasses overhead.
Next came the Vertical Buffet with two shelves creating the rest of the station which was complemented by our Wooden Vendor Cart as another station.
Because Andrea brought so much food to display and photograph, she kept building her station into a full blown buffet by adding a 4 x 20 Aged Farm Wood Table underneath. She added our Aged Farm Wood Highboy with Rusted Steel Pedestal to complete the tableau.

Andrea has had her company for 21 years and never stops creating new looks. For risers, she and her Sales Representative, Diana Streit who helped with the design, used our brand new Wine Boxes and Bordeaux Boxes as well as our Rectangular Wicker Basket which is usually used for bread but turned  upside down it became a rustic riser.

Andrea's and Diana's tip, as you can see from this buffet table, is to use d├ęcor directly on the table. Andrea loves being in a creative business, but also uses her creativity to run her business. Through her involvement with the ICNC (Industrial Council of Near West Chicago) including sitting on their Board, she was able to employ four people in her business through a jobs creation program that paid 90% of each employee's salary for the first year. And, by finding out about a SBIF (Small Business Investment Financing) program, she is receiving $50,000 to expand her office space, build an additional walk-in cooler and update the electrical infrastructure in her commercial kitchen.

As you can see here, Andrea loves using our Ecowood Oval Tray, our Weathered Wood Market Crate and our new Wine Barrel Staves. As much as she likes mixing a variety of trays here, she also mixes things up in her company because she believes strongly in cross-training employees. Yes, that means during training, her salespeople make deliveries with drivers and prep with Executive Chef Alexi Mandolini and Chef Tony Alderson.  Only in this way  can one really understand and appreciate the full operation and this is why she calls everyone team members.

We think our Wine Label Square Canape plates are a great selection for this bucolic and wine-centric cocktail party vignette. Cocktail parties are among her specialties and she has made the most of networking at them as well. Joining E.O. (Entrepreneurs' Organization), a global peer-to-peer network with 12,000 members, she started in their business Accelerator program. After 18 months she had grown her revenue by 50%. Since then she has served on E.O.'s Board of Directors and now sits on their Global Leadership Committee.

Andrea learned that adding a human element to a food photo, whether a hand or a profile, helps to engage the viewer more intimately with the content. Angela Garbot, this month's photographer who became a friend of Andrea's while shooting many of her events, agreed.
Thanks to everyone for our quickly-approaching end of summer repast.  
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