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Food Displays

Square Gold Cake Plateau

Stainless Lazy Susan

White Melamine Round Cake Stand Collection

Round Gold Cake Plateau

Vintage Glass Pedestal Plate

Wooden Pedestal Stand

White Melamine Square Cake Stand Collection

Black Laminated Lazy Susan

3-Tier Petit Four Compotier

Round Silver Cake Plateau

Square Silver Cake Plateau

Silver Riser Ring Collection

Contemporary Silver Cake Stand Collection

Copper Scroll Riser

White Melamine Gondola Bowl

White Melamine Pedestal Bowl

White Gondola Bowl
Large Floral Holders

Diamond Mesh Cylinder
w/ Handle & Floral

Clear Lucite Box with Cone Holder

Crescent Copper-Link Bowl & Tray

Ecowood Square Tray Centerpiece

Silver Wire Handled Basket

Ornate Silver Champagne Bucket with Flowers

Silver Flower Urn

Antique Silver Flower Holder

Ornate Champagne Bucket Stand

Brass Flower Holder

Blue Spatterware Coffee Pot with Flowers

Silver Pitcher

Glass Oval Decanter/Large Cruet

Glass Carafe

Hand-Blown Glass Pitcher

Straight-Sided Lucite Bowl Collection

Martini Glass Bowl

Stainless Champagne Bucket
with Wine Receptacle Lid (Spittoon)

Silver Revere Bowl

Stainless Revere Bowl Collection

Glass Trifle Bowl

White Porcelain Tureen

Antique Gold-Edged Ivory Tureen

Clear Lucite Box Collection

White Lucite Box Collection

White Melamine Gondola Bowl

White Melamine Pedestal Bowl

White Gondola Bowl
Small Floral Holders

White Porcelain Teapot

Contemporary Pedestal Bowl with Flower

Eclectic Small Bottle/Vase Collection

Chopstick Riser with White Bowl

Eclectic Large Bottle/Vase Collection

Hurricane Glass

Bamboo Riser Collection

Ice Cream Soda Glass

Stainless Martini/Cocktail Shaker with Flowers

Silver Mercury Glass Votive Holder

Gold Mercury Glass Votive Holder

White Porcelain Creamer/Pitcher with Flowers

Sauce Cup/Votive Holder

Glass Mini Bubble Votive Holder

Square Glass Votive Holder

Small Mason Jar

White V-Bowl

Mason Jar

Petal Candle Holder

Silver Pedestal Compote

Silver Sugar Bowl

Silver Swirl Frosted Votive Holder

Antique Gold Leaf Tumbler

Sapphire Martini/Compote

Amethyst Martini/Compote

Topaz Martini/Compote

Aquamarine Martini/Compote

Silver Glitz Votive Holder

Straight-Sided Shot Glass

Emerald Martini/Compote

White Glass/Votive Holder

Topaz Glass/Votive Holder

Glass Half Carafe

Olive Green Glass/Votive Holder

Glass Carafe

Amethyst Glass/Votive Holder

Red Glass/Votive Holder

Hot Pink Glass/Votive Holder

Red & Gold Glitz Votive Holder

Gold Glitz Votive Holder

Gold Swirl Frosted Votive Holder

White Porcelain Egg Cup

Silver Bowl/Tea Strainer Caddy

Blue Spatterware Sugar Bowl

Black Spatterware Sugar Bowl

Creamer/Pitcher Collection

White Porcelain Sake Bottle