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Gold Louis Bar Stool
w/ Upholstered Front and Back

White Louis Bar Stool
w/ Scroll Back

White Louis Chair
w/ Scroll Back

White Louis Chair
w/ Upholstered Front and Back

Perforated Stainless
Umbrella Stand

Sterno Cooktop/Steel Riser

2-Tier Rectangular Metal
Dessert Stand

Clear Lucite Square
Passing Tray

Contemporary Round
Beverage Urn

White Lined Belly Button Bowl

Aged Farm Wood Tray w/ Insert

9" White Round Family Style Bowl

Fruit & Veggie
Natural Wooden Crate

Gold Basketweave Rimmed Plate

Gold Dots Plate

Gold Filagreed Rimmed Plate

Gold Leaves Plate

Gold Links Rimmed Plate

Gold Ovals Plate

Amber Stemless
All Purpose Glass

Gold Geometric Foil Runner

Gold Sequins Cloth

White Lacquer Table Collection
w/ Gold Stiletto Legs

Gilded Throne
w/ Champagne Velvet Upholstery

Gilded Throne
w/ Cheetah Upholstery

Copper Metallic
Modular Seat Low Back

Gold Metallic
Modular Seat Low Back

Silver Metallic
Modular Seat Low Back

Glass Finger Bowl/Saucer Combination

Mini White Pedestal Stand

White Mini Sauce Boat

Aged Farm Table
w/ Angled Steel Legs Collection

Embossed Coffee Table
w/ Mirrored Inset
& Champagne Platinum
Louie Legs

Aged Farm Table
w/ Straight Wooden Legs Collection

3-Tier Galvanized
Metal Plate Stand

6-Compartment Galvanized
Lazy Susan

Three-Tiered Silver Dessert Stand

Battery Optional Sound System
w/ Speaker, Wireless Microphone
& Tripod

Glass Rack Dolly

120 Plate Electric Hot Box

White Lacquer Table & Bench
w/ Contemporary Driftwood Bases

Aged Farm Wood Stage

Contemporary Driftwood Drink
Rest/End Caps & Coffee Table
w/ Taupe Modular
Low Back Couch

Wine Crates

Bread Board

Wine Barrel Stave

Aged Farm Wood Bar
w/ Boxwood Facade

Black Bar
w/ Corrugated Zinc Bar Facade

White Bar
w/ Multi Color Led Light Strip


Lid & Ring Collection

Blue Stemless
All Purpose Glass

Black Marble Collection

Natural Marble Collection

Grey/White Marble Collection

Champagne Platinum
Embossed Table
w/ Chalkboard Inset
& Bulbous Legs

Black Textured Table
w/ Gold Stiletto Legs

Champagne Platinum
Embossed Table & Farm Legs
w/ Custom Inset & Acrylic Top

Stainless Champagne Bucket
with Wine Receptacle Lid (Spittoon)

Aged Farm Wood
Back Bar/Lighted Display

Contemporary Glass Pitcher

Burlap Woven Runner

Citron Green Silken Runner

Dark Chocolate Burlap Woven Runner

Ivory Flower/White Sheer Runner

White Damask Runner

White on White Dots Runner

Burlap Woven Pillow

Citron Green Silken Pillow

Dark Chocolate Woven Pillow

Green Leaf/White Sheer Pillow

Ivory Flower/White Sheer Pillow

Ivory Woven Pillow

Taupe Leaf Pillow

Taupe Squiggle Pillow

White Damask Pillow

Black Battery-operated
Modular Light Bridge
(as Bar Enhancement)

Aged Wood Farm
Modular Light Bridge
(as Vertical Buffet)

White Battery-operated
Modular Light Bridge
(as Furniture Grouping)

Black Battery-operated
Modular Light Tower

Aged Farm Light Bridge
as Chuppah
with Chuppah, Arms & Chandeliers

White Battery-operated
Modular Display Tower